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International Relocation Assistance

Departure assistance assures clients and relocating employees that RCI will coordinate all the details of their move at origin. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) formulate a personalized relocation strategy for each employee that lays the groundwork for a seamless international move.

We organize and arrange precise dates and logistics of the employee’s global departure plan, including home marketing and sale assistance, property management, and move management. With RCI’s departure assistance offerings, we ensure each assignee understands their policy and personalized relocation plan so they can stay focused on their job and establish a smooth transition for them and their family.

Move Management

Move Management

Once the global relocation is initiated, our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) partner with our trusted vendors, at home and abroad, to coordinate estimates, appointments, and dates for the employee’s desired custom move. We carefully curate a personalized relocation plan, taking every single need of the employee and their family into consideration, from coordinating logistics to facilitating the necessary documents for customs and tax compliance. At RCI, we ensure that with a global move, each employee and client is informed every step of the way.

Home Marketing

Home Marketing Assistance

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) offer transferees impartial professional guidance to ensure that every employee’s home is sold quickly and at a competitive price. Our SRMs recommend experienced realtors to the transferee, who are familiar with corporate relocation and the local market. The employee is empowered to interview and analyze the Broker Market Analysis (BMA) reports and marketing plans each suggested real estate agent prepares along with our guidance and advocacy. With the selected agent, we can strategize and implement an extensive marketing plan. The listing agent’s marketing efforts are monitored throughout the listing phase to determine if adjustments in price or strategy are necessary.

Home Sale

Home Sale Assistance

When relocating globally, RCI facilitates the home sale process to ease the employee’s transition to the new location. The assigned Senior Relocation Manager’s (SRM) continuous monitoring and counseling allows them to advocate for the employee from start to finish. The SRM is there for support every step of the way, from selecting a realtor to contract negotiation and closing. RCI also offers traditional and third-party home sale program options, to expedite international relocations. Throughout the home sale process our programs stay market relevant and competitive, while remaining compliant to IRS regulations.

Prop Mgmt

Property Management

RCI provides property management services for employees who choose not to sell their home while on assignment. We partner with trusted and reputable service providers to ensure the employee’s home is well maintained and managed. We discuss the program options with the employee, provide ample information, and counsel on the process. Carefully matched service partners are thoroughly screened to meet our service level expectations and the specific needs of the employee and family. Our property management partners ensure the unit is well maintained throughout the assignment period.



At RCI, we believe that every company should provide an adequate repatriation program for their global talent. Our comprehensive program assists employees that are moving back home or relocating to a different location. Our services include custom coordination, such as the rental or purchase of a new home, household good shipment, and expense tracking. RCI’s Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) are available for counseling and assistance throughout the repatriation and the settling-in period. Repatriation is an integral part of any global assignment and leads to the overall success of international relocation programs.

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