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Pre-Decision Services

Cost Estimates

Offering comprehensive international cost estimates for clients is essential to the success of any relocation program. Providing this information early in the decision-making process provides management with the potential financial impacts of the assignment and the opportunity to consider cost containment measures, such as hiring locally or modifying benefit offerings.

We factor in the employee’s personal criteria, policy benefits, the length of the assignment and estimated tax costs from applicable tax authorities, as well as other pertinent information. Costs are gathered from credible data sources and projected over the life of the assignment. We provide a detailed breakdown of compensation, relocation expenses and taxes. Our reports are available in the home or host currency, or in US dollars.

  • Can the cost estimates be customized based on specific employee needs and company policies?
  • Can you provide a detailed breakdown of all components included in the cost estimate?
  • What are your primary sources for cost data and how do you ensure their credibility and accuracy?
  • Do you offer different versions for short-term vs long-term assignments?
  • What level of ongoing support do you offer once the initial estimate is provided?
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Assignment Management

Accepted Offer: Assignment Counseling And Support

Relocation Coordinates offers constant counseling and support to the assignee and family. A Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) conducts an in-depth needs assessment to create a comprehensive relocation plan that meets the specific needs of the employee and their family. Following a thorough review of policy benefits, a customized timeline is developed. We introduce our service partners and commit to a smooth transition to ease any worry the assignee may have at the onset of the move. The SRM provides access to our online portal via a personalized passcode, so the assignee can monitor their relocation and track the payment of expenses and allowances.

Visas and Immigration

Facilitating the visa and immigration process is a critical component of our clients’ successful global mobility programs. We work closely with an experienced network of trusted partners and immigration experts to initiate the application process, authenticate documents, process renewals and extensions, and ensure proper protocol is met to obtain work permits and residency cards. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) coordinate and monitor all the necessary steps for visa and immigration compliance.

Global Compensation

RCI’s global compensation service accommodates earnings approaches that range from systems that relate compensation back to the home country (the traditional home-based “balance sheet” approach) to systems that integrate compensation into the “host country” salary structure. Earnings programs employed by global organizations are quite complex, with pay often delivered from multiple locations in a variety of ways made to the assignee. Our suite of services includes, but is not limited to, compensation accumulation/collection, hypothetical tax, estimation balance sheet and instructions, certificates of coverage, tax payment and equalization support (TEQ), audit & compliance review and payment processing.

Tax Assistance

RCI partners with global tax experts to ensure all client programs are compliant. We implement global tax regulations and accurately apply them in each jurisdiction for every relocation. Their specialized guidance provides an integrated approach for both our client and assignee, which addresses the tax ramifications that result from assignment taxes and costs. The tools and advice simplify the global compensation and reporting process, including the calculation of hypothetical taxes and split payrolls with home and host countries. Our tax assistance service creates a seamless experience for the assignee that is aligned with the benefits and tax protection they are entitled to.

Accepted Offer: Assignment Counseling And Support

  • Can you walk me through a typical needs assessment process?
  • How flexible is the relocation plan if the needs of the assignee changes?
  • How often will the SRM communicate with the assignee throughout the relocation process?
  • What features does the online portal offer for monitoring the relocation process?

Visas And Immigration

  • What is the range of services you offer?
  • How do you stay updated with changing immigration laws and policies?
  • What measures do you have in place for data security and privacy?
  • How do you tailor your services to the unique needs of your clients?
  • What is your process for ensuring that all applications are compliant with the latest immigration laws?

Global Compensation

  • How customizable are your global compensation services to meet our specific business needs and objectives?
  • How do you help clients manage costs, especially concerning hypothetical tax, tax equalization, and other financial aspects of international assignments?
  • What kind of reporting can you provide? Can the reports be customized?
  • How do you manage compensation in the face of currency fluctuations?
  • How scalable are your compensation services to accommodate our company’s future growth?

Tax Assistance

  • What qualifications and experience do your tax professionals have, especially in dealing with international tax laws?
  • How secure is the data and personal information of our company and our assignees in your systems?
  • How do you ensure clear and timely communication with both the client and assignees?
  • Are you compliant with international data protection regulations such as GDPR?
  • What kind of support is available to assignees for their tax-related questions or concerns?
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Destination Services

Home Finding Services

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) are dedicated to helping international transferees find their new home. After discussing the employee’s lifestyle, housing preferences, budget and specific needs during their in-depth needs assessment, the assigned SRM formulates a home criteria summary and shares it with a uniquely matched destination service consultant. The real estate agent then researches, identifies, and presents suitable properties that meet the employee’s needs and budget. They arrange a tour with the employee to view homes for consideration. After a selection is made, the lease agreement is reviewed by the agent, who advocates for the assignee ensuring that the rental amount, security deposit and terms are appropriate.

Temporary Housing

RCI partners with corporate housing providers to provide interim housing solutions on a worldwide basis. A needs-based analysis is conducted with the assignee to determine preferred housing needs, including size, housing type, budget and location. Employee preferences are also taken into consideration, such as special amenities, including a fitness center or pet friendly communities. We communicate the employee’s home criteria with one of our trusted service providers, who will identify and share available options with the employee. Once a decision is made, we review leases and obtain signatures, deliver move-in instructions and arrange proper billing.

Settling-In Services

RCI provides a full array of support services to help every family settle into the host country. These services often begin with an in-depth tour of the new community with a destination service consultant. The tour includes driving by local shopping centers, banks, post offices, hospitals, recreational facilities and an overview of the public transportation system. The assignee’s Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) and destination specialist will lend assistance in securing required residency documentation, obtaining driver’s licenses, setting up bank accounts, utilities, and methods for establishing credit. Recommendations are available for local grocery and furniture stores, child care facilities, medical practitioners, and other local businesses and services.

Education Assistance

The quality and availability of public and private education plays a critical role whether an assignee will accept an international assignment. International relocation requires extensive research into local scholastic offerings. In fact, some companies contract specific education specialists as an individual resource for families. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) work closely with destination service providers that are familiar with the local school system to recommend the ideal institutions that meet family requirements. We gather and provide brochures and detailed information about the schools, including the enrollment and testing process. If the family needs additional assistance, an educational consultant can arrange and accompany the family to the school’s admission interviews and provide guidance in completing registration forms.

Language Training

Language training provides significant benefits to the client, assignee and family. A basic understanding of the new language increases employee success by developing necessary communication skills, which promote critical business relationships. For the family, it helps everyone adapt to their new environment quickly and affords them greater confidence with day to day activities that may require some knowledge of local language or dialects. Training options can be arranged through group lessons, private lessons or self-study programs depending on the specific needs of the assignee and family.

Culture Training

One of the greatest challenges employees encounter in a foreign country is adjusting to a different culture. Investing in cultural training enhances the assignee’s ability to function effectively. They learn the impact of culture on communication, management practices and work relationships. It also optimizes the family’s ability to transition into the new community. Cultural training specialists provide the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to effectively interact across cultures through lessons arranged by our staff.

Spousal/Partner Assistance

The importance of spousal assistance shouldn’t be underestimated. The inability for the spouse and families to adapt to the new environment is the largest cause of assignment failure. With our destination consultants, the spouse/partner is empowered to find their own purpose and fulfillment by identifying activities and clubs that match their hobbies and interests, advising of educational opportunities, locating volunteer organizations to join, and perhaps even helping them find employment opportunities whenever possible.

Home Finding Services

  • Can you describe the process for conducting an in-depth needs assessment?
  • How do you ensure that the housing options presented align with the employee’s lifestyle and preferences?
  • What criteria do you use to select the destination service consultants and real estate agents you work with?
  • What kind of support can the transferee expect upon arrival in the new destination?
  • What is your policy regarding cancellations or changes to the relocation plan?

Temporary Housing

  • How do you tailor housing solutions to meet specific assignee needs and preferences?
  • How flexible are your services in accommodating last minute changes or requests/
  • How do you conduct the needs-based analysis for each assignee?
  • What is your process for communicating available housing options to assignees?
  • What assistance do you provide in terms of move-in instructions and arranging proper billing?

Settling-in Services

  • Can services be tailored to each assignee's or family needs?
  • How extensive is your network of local service providers? i.e. realtors, banks, schools?
  • What criteria do you use to select and evaluate your local partners and service providers?
  • What is the typical response time for inquiries or issues that may arise during the relocation?
  • How are payments processed and what are the payment terms?

Education Assistance

  • How do you stay updated with changes in the local school systems?
  • What is the full range of educational services you offer?
  • Can you assist with both public and private school placements?
  • Do you have established relationships in the destination city?
  • How do you support families in the school enrollment and testing process?

Language Training

  • What accreditations do your language training programs have?
  • How do you tailor your language training programs to meet the specific needs of the assignee and family?
  • What teaching methods do you employ in your program?
  • Do you offer on-line or virtual learning options?
  • What additional resources or support services do you provide to assist in the learning process?

Cultural Training

  • Do you tailor your programs to meet the needs and objectives of the client or assignee?
  • What are the teaching methods and tools that are used?
  • What are the credentials of those that will be conducting the training? i.e educational background, certifications
  • Are there follow-up sessions, resources, or support after the initial training period?
  • Do you offer culture training to family members?

Spousal/Partner Assistance

  • Can you accommodate individuals with diverse interests, backgrounds, and professional goals?
  • How do you stay updated on opportunities and resources that could benefit spouses/partners?
  • What strategies do you employ to help spouses/partners community and integrate into their new build a social network?
  • What kind of follow-up do you provide after the initial relocation period?
  • Can you facilitate introductions to local clubs, groups or organizations based on their interests?
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Departure Services

Move Management

Once the global relocation is initiated, our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) partner with our trusted vendors, at home and abroad, to coordinate estimates, appointments, and dates for the employee’s desired custom move. We carefully curate a personalized relocation plan, taking every single need of the employee and their family into consideration, from coordinating logistics to facilitating the necessary documents for customs and tax compliance. At RCI, we ensure that with a global move, each employee and client is informed every step of the way.

Home Marketing Assistance

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) offer transferees impartial professional guidance to ensure that every employee’s home is sold quickly and at a competitive price. Our SRMs recommend experienced realtors to the transferee, who are familiar with corporate relocation and the local market. The employee is empowered to interview and analyze the Broker Market Analysis (BMA) reports and marketing plans each suggested real estate agent prepares along with our guidance and advocacy. With the selected agent, we can strategize and implement an extensive marketing plan. The listing agent’s marketing efforts are monitored throughout the listing phase to determine if adjustments in price or strategy are necessary.

Home Sale Assistance

When relocating globally, RCI facilitates the home sale process to ease the employee’s transition to the new location. The assigned Senior Relocation Manager’s (SRM) continuous monitoring and counseling allows them to advocate for the employee from start to finish. The SRM is there for support every step of the way, from selecting a realtor to contract negotiation and closing. RCI also offers traditional and third-party home sale program options, to expedite international relocations. Throughout the home sale process our programs stay market relevant and competitive, while remaining compliant to IRS regulations.

Property Management

RCI provides property management services for employees who choose not to sell their home while on assignment. We partner with trusted and reputable service providers to ensure the employee’s home is well maintained and managed. We discuss the program options with the employee, provide ample information, and counsel on the process. Carefully matched service partners are thoroughly screened to meet our service level expectations and the specific needs of the employee and family. Our property management partners ensure the unit is well maintained throughout the assignment period.


At RCI, we believe that every company should provide an adequate repatriation program for their global talent. Our comprehensive program assists employees that are moving back home or relocating to a different location. Our services include custom coordination, such as the rental or purchase of a new home, household good shipment, and expense tracking. RCI’s Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) are available for counseling and assistance throughout the repatriation and the settling-in period. Repatriation is an integral part of any global assignment and leads to the overall success of international relocation programs.

Move Management

  • What range of services do you offer for international relocations?
  • Can you describe your network of vendors, especially in foreign countries?
  • How can we track the progress of the move and any services being provided?
  • What types of insurance do you offer for goods in transit and temporary storage?

Home Marketing Assistance

  • How do you select the realtors you recommend to employees? What criteria are used in this selection?
  • What kind of marketing strategies do your SRMs prefer to see from the realtor?
  • How frequently do you monitor the marketing efforts and progress of the listed properties?
  • How often can we expect to see updates or reports on the progress of each property’s sale?

Home Sale Assistance

  • Can you detail the full range of services provided in the home sale assistance program?
  • How long has your company been providing global relocation services, specifically home sale assistance?
  • Can you provide details on the traditional and third-party home sale program options?
  • How do you handle any issues or disputes that arise during the home sale process?

Property Management

  • What specific property management services do you offer?
  • How do you screen and select your service partners?
  • How frequently do you provide updates or reports?
  • How are property-related expenses managed and reported?


  • How do you tailor your services to meet the unique needs of each employee?
  • What kind of counseling and support services do you offer to employee during their repatriation process?
  • How do you ensure continuous support for employees and their families during the settling-in period?
  • How do you manage the logistics of household goods shipment, including any international regulations that may apply?
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Thank you for successfully transitioning our relocation program to RCI. Working with you and your entire team has been absolutely fantastic. They have shown great dedication in understanding and adapting to our program's needs. You have quickly grasped our management preferences, ensuring that our employees have a top-notch experience while we maintain cost control. We extend our heartfelt thanks for all their hard work.

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Relocation Coordinates is truly in a league of its own. Their highly personalized and reliable service is truly client-driven. Every transaction is treated with utmost care and tailored to meet the unique needs of the transferring individual and their family. Unlike other companies that use a cookie-cutter approach, RCI truly understands the importance of people helping people in our industry. I highly recommend Relocation Today!

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I have had the pleasure to work closely with Relocation Coordinate’s leadership team and have been extremely happy with their work. The dedication, knowledge, advice and support have been truly remarkable. As you may well know the relocation business is not one size fits all, on the contrary, there is often a need to tailor help to specific situations. They have always been responsive and committed to making the relocation experience a pleasant experience for employees and families alike. What sets RCI apart is a solid knowledge of the local market and a trusted partnership with providers used throughout the relocation process.

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Absolutely. We’re dedicated to fostering a partnership that optimizes talent mobility in line with your strategic goals. Drawing on our extensive industry experience and agile approach, we collaborate to provide solutions that drive success across many industries

RCI's service model revolves around delivering a high-touch experience that meets the needs of your employees and embraces your organizational culture, cost management considerations, and talent objectives. This approach ensures a positive experience for every individual involved.

Absolutely. Our approach to cost control and value optimization is rooted in transparency, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering compliance. These elements help create comprehensive solutions that manage costs effectively and deliver superior value throughout the relocation process.

Whether you choose a supply chain recommended by RCI or your organization, rest assured that we will manage the outsourced relocation program. Our focus remains on ensuring a seamless relocation, regardless of the chosen supply chain.

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