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Destination Services

Destination assistance is an essential component to a successful relocation. We believe that by empowering employees and their families with comprehensive information and expected realities they may encounter, increases the probability of a positive first impression and a seamless relocation.

The assigned counselor will be the employee’s single point of contact for all services that are personalized to meet their specific needs. We are empathetic with the anxiety and stress relocation may create, which is why we emphasize the importance of providing comprehensive counseling and support to ensure the transition is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Accepted Offer

Accepted Offer: Relocation Services

One of our trusted Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) will guide the employee, step-by-step, throughout their relocation. Following an in-depth needs assessment, the SRM will act as a single point of contact for the transferee to develop a personalized relocation plan dedicated to the family’s lifestyle, housing preferences, and financial requirements. An analysis of the employee’s current housing to determine market value, salability or lease options is conducted. The SRM counsels the employee on policy benefits, assesses strategies for minimizing corporate and employee cost, identifies key service partners, and discusses expense processing for the relocation.

Temp Housing

Temporary Housing

We ensure every transferee and family finds a home that meets their needs, even temporarily. We work with our corporate housing partners to find interim housing that meets budget, size and length of stay; which is outlined by the relocation policy. When locating ideal temporary housing, our team aims to accommodate the special requests of the transferee, such as pet friendly units, proximity to office, onsite fitness center or a hotel suite. After selecting a unit, our Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) will review the lease agreements for accuracy, obtain signatures, arrange billing, and share move-in instructions with the employee.

Home Purchase Assist

Home Purchase Assistance

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) paired with RCI’s home finding and purchasing programs, provide a sense of security to every relocating family. We offer the necessary counseling, education, and neighborhood tools to empower the employee in determining their ideal home and community. Our extensive real estate broker network consists of area experts for any destination, which are hand-selected and carefully matched to the housing and community needs of the employee and family. Our agents are extremely knowledgeable about the local market and act as an advocate to the employee by providing key market data, as well as assisting with contract negotiations.


Rental Assistance

Finding a home or apartment to rent can be a challenging process. Rental markets are tight and homeowners often prefer to list the home for rent on their own versus through a realtor. This may result in rentals not appearing on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and limiting the ability to tour the property, as the availability is subject to the property manager. A Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) will connect the employee with a carefully matched and qualified rental specialist, who will identify available housing that meets their preferences and requirements, such as the number of bedrooms, square footage, size, price, location, and amenities. The Rental Specialist will accompany the employee to view each rental and assist with lease negotiations.

Mtg Services

Mortgage Services

RCI offers mortgage assistance to relocating employees. We’ve built beneficial partnerships with a network of trusted lenders who specialize in relocation mortgages, fast pre-qualification, and online application processes. Our transferees can expect competitive pricing and a variety of loan programs. RCI’s goal is to make this process as easy as possible for a transferee to purchase a new home. Arrangements can be made for our lenders to direct-bill covered closing costs to minimize employee out of pocket costs.

Settling In

Settling-In Services

Every family is taken care of as they transition to their new community. By utilizing our settling in services, employees and families are escorted to the DMV to get their driver’s license and neighborhood banks to set up accounts. Our team has the tools to identify local utility companies, clubs, recreational facilities and other areas of importance to make the process of settling-in easier. We also provide families important information such as childcare options, medical practitioners, local hospital and emergency services, along with an orientation of local public transportation.


Education Assistance

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) review the local school system and the schools that fall within the boundaries of each neighborhood with every relocating employee and family. Our team provides school reports and other information to help families better assess school rankings, special curriculum, and athletic programs. We also partner with education specialists to provide extensive knowledge about local schools of interest, arrange interviews with administrators, assist with completing school applications and locate additional educational support when needed.


Spousal/Partner Assistance

Companies and families alike benefit when the accompanying spouse is supported. We partner with firms that deliver spousal/partner career and acclimation assistance. Their coaches help by successfully establishing connections in the new area, such as fitness centers, local clubs and health spas. Valuable assistance is also available for anyone looking for a job in the new location. Following an in-depth assessment, the assigned Career Consultant provides the necessary tools and information to conduct an efficient and targeted campaign, including Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume preparation, market employment trends, interview training, and key strategies for effective networking.

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