Relocation Coordinates International Pre-Decision Services

Pre-Decision Services

Pre-decision services increase the probability that employees will accept an international assignment and minimize the risk of failure. From the employer’s perspective, this service reveals concerns and issues prior to the relocation that may be solvable while minimizing costly policy exceptions. The assignee gains from learning about the destination location and sharing their concerns, which may be alleviated through counseling and suggested options to overcome personal obstacles. Our program begins with an in-depth needs assessment to learn about the assignee and their family.

We use this opportunity to review policy benefits, such as home finding assistance, settling in services, and language and cultural training to assure the family that a smooth transition is possible. Our portal provides destination information and an assigned destination service partner is introduced to further educate the assignee about the destination so they can assess whether living in a different country is a fit for them and/or their family. RCI’s continuous counseling, as well as arranging a pre-decision area tour, make the decision to accept the assignment more probable and less stressful for the employee.

Cost Estimates

Cost Estimates

Offering comprehensive international cost estimates for clients is essential to the success of any relocation program. Providing this information early in the decision-making process provides management with the potential financial impacts of the assignment and the opportunity to consider cost containment measures, such as hiring locally or modifying benefit offerings. We factor in the employee’s personal criteria, policy benefits, the length of the assignment and estimated tax costs from applicable tax authorities, as well as other pertinent information. Costs are gathered from credible data sources and projected over the life of the assignment. We provide a detailed breakdown of compensation, relocation expenses and taxes. Our reports are available in the home or host currency, or in US dollars.

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