Relocation Coordinates International Departure Services

Departure Services

Our comprehensive departure services have shown to improve relocation outcomes by providing the support and expertise the employee and family require at origin. Employees become more focused at their new job knowing they have the assistance and advocacy from their Senior Relocation Manager (SRM). Our services are tailored to incorporate best in class programs and procedures, which result in greater efficiencies, reduced costs and overall employee satisfaction.

Move Management

Move Management

RCI understands the intricacies of moving. We maintain complete control of the process by utilizing vetted suppliers that provide the best combination of price, geographic coverage and performance. Our partners are required to assign top-tier crews and drivers to ensure the employee and family have a positive experience that meets their expectations.

We carefully review move estimates and diligently audit invoices for policy accuracy, compliance and service. Employees are kept abreast of the process every step of the way, with quality checks at survey, pack & load, and delivery. Our team facilitates every service provided, including claim processing and resolution, which is monitored for timeliness and appropriateness.

Home Marketing

Home Marketing Assistance

RCI provides home marketing assistance to provide employees the support and expertise required to sell their homes quickly and for the highest possible price. Realtors are recommended based on their experience, reputation and knowledge of the local market. We empower transferring employees to make an agent selection with our guidance, following realtor interviews and Broker Market Analysis reports. By partnering with the realtor, we develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy based on a thorough review of property evaluation, local market conditions, price, staging and advertising. RCI will also provide suggestions of home repairs to complete, which enhance the home’s visible appeal and eliminate structural concerns from buyers.

To ensure success, regular marketing reviews are conducted with the employee and realtor to evaluate buyer feedback, showings, recent sales and time of year. At times, adjustments to price or other seller concessions will be evaluated and implemented as necessary with employee approval. The ability to sell a home quickly helps minimize other relocation costs and facilitates an enhanced experience for the family.

Home Sale

Home Sale Assistance

We are skilled at customizing home sale programs to fit our clients’ culture, talent acquisition goals and budget. It is important that programs are market relevant and incorporate cost containment measures, while remaining competitive. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) serve as a single point of coordination for the employee, regarding realtor selection, contract negotiation and closing. We constantly advocate for our clients’ employees from the moment the listing agreement is signed to the closing date.

Third Party Home

Third-Party Home Sale Programs

Relocation Coordinates offers traditional and 3rd Party Home Sale Programs, including Buyer Value Option, Appraised Value and Amended Value Sales. We offer the ability to customize each program to reflect benefit levels, eligibility, volume and administration. While each program has its unique set of risks and benefits, RCI is adept at avoiding fallout and creating a smooth closing. We strive to make the transition to the new location easy and with the equity in hand.

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