Relocation Coordinates International Destination Services

Destination Services

Destination assistance provides relocating employees the ability to efficiently transition to the new location. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) are aware of challenges employees and their families may face, including the unfamiliarity of a new city or country, which can be daunting.

Our staff works in tandem with fully vetted destination service providers to meet experience and service level standards. RCI’s comprehensive offerings enable the assignees to find housing, enroll children in school, and understand the language and culture better through specialized training programs. Destination assistance goes a long way towards a positive relocation and ensures continued productivity in the workplace.

Home finding

Home Finding Services

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) are dedicated to helping international transferees find their new home. After discussing the employee’s lifestyle, housing preferences, budget and specific needs during their in-depth needs assessment, the assigned SRM formulates a home criteria summary and shares it with a uniquely matched destination service consultant. The real estate agent then researches, identifies, and presents suitable properties that meet the employee’s needs and budget. They arrange a tour with the employee to view homes for consideration. After a selection is made, the lease agreement is reviewed by the agent, who advocates for the assignee ensuring that the rental amount, security deposit and terms are appropriate.

Temp Housing

Temporary Housing

RCI partners with corporate housing providers to provide interim housing solutions on a worldwide basis. A needs-based analysis is conducted with the assignee to determine preferred housing needs, including size, housing type, budget and location. Employee preferences are also taken into consideration, such as special amenities, including a fitness center or pet friendly communities. We communicate the employee’s home criteria with one of our trusted service providers, who will identify and share available options with the employee. Once a decision is made, we review leases and obtain signatures, deliver move-in instructions and arrange proper billing.

Settling In

Settling-In Services

RCI provides a full array of support services to help every family settle into the host country. These services often begin with an in-depth tour of the new community with a destination service consultant. The tour includes driving by local shopping centers, banks, post offices, hospitals, recreational facilities and an overview of the public transportation system. The assignee’s Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) and destination specialist will lend assistance in securing required residency documentation, obtaining driver’s licenses, setting up bank accounts, utilities, and methods for establishing credit. Recommendations are available for local grocery and furniture stores, child care facilities, medical practitioners, and other local businesses and services.


Education Assistance

The quality and availability of public and private education plays a critical role whether an assignee will accept an international assignment. International relocation requires extensive research into local scholastic offerings. In fact, some companies contract specific education specialists as an individual resource for families. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) work closely with destination service providers that are familiar with the local school system to recommend the ideal institutions that meet family requirements. We gather and provide brochures and detailed information about the schools, including the enrollment and testing process. If the family needs additional assistance, an educational consultant can arrange and accompany the family to the school’s admission interviews and provide guidance in completing registration forms.


Language Training

Language training provides significant benefits to the client, assignee and family. A basic understanding of the new language increases employee success by developing necessary communication skills, which promote critical business relationships. For the family, it helps everyone adapt to their new environment quickly and affords them greater confidence with day to day activities that may require some knowledge of local language or dialects. Training options can be arranged through group lessons, private lessons or self-study programs depending on the specific needs of the assignee and family.


Cultural Training

One of the greatest challenges employees encounter in a foreign country is adjusting to a different culture. Investing in cultural training enhances the assignee’s ability to function effectively. They learn the impact of culture on communication, management practices and work relationships. It also optimizes the family’s ability to transition into the new community. Cultural training specialists provide the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to effectively interact across cultures through lessons arranged by our staff.


Spousal/Partner Assistance

The importance of spousal assistance shouldn’t be underestimated. The inability for the spouse and families to adapt to the new environment is the largest cause of assignment failure. With our destination consultants, the spouse/partner is empowered to find their own purpose and fulfillment by identifying activities and clubs that match their hobbies and interests, advising of educational opportunities, locating volunteer organizations to join, and perhaps even helping them find employment opportunities whenever possible.

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