Relocation Coordinates International Pre-Decision Services

Pre-Decision Services

Pre-decision assistance is integral to attracting and retaining talent. Employees decline job opportunities that require relocation due to housing, as well as family and spousal/partner employment apprehensions. By utilizing this service, the candidate can make an informed decision; which often alleviates concern and results in job acceptance.

A Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) conducts an initial comprehensive needs assessment to review and address the candidate’s relocation policy benefits, logistics and personal concerns. Our team utilizes this opportunity to decrease the probability of exceptions and strategize how to lower overall cost. We find that pre-decision services not only overcome personal concerns, but increase overall relocation satisfaction.

Area Tour

Area Tours

An effective strategy to increase job acceptance rates is to offer an orientation tour during the interview process. The tour is arranged with a local expert to provide a tailored overview of the communities and surrounding areas. The goal of the tour is to showcase the destination as a place that may suit their lifestyle, education and housing needs. Throughout the interview process, the family has access to a state-of-the-art neighborhood platform that provides single source access to data regarding local and state taxes, demographics, housing prices and valuation trends, school scores, crime statistics, and more. The tour, together with the provided counseling and destination information, increases overall job acceptance rates.

Dest Info

Destination Information

At RCI, our state-of-the-art software and custom programs provide destination information that is unique to the needs and interests of the candidate and/or family. Our full-access software ranks neighborhoods to meet specific criteria, such as home price range, school scores, demographics, crime statistics, and neighborhood characteristics. Our tools also identify neighborhoods in the new destination that match the origin location and note the degree of similarity. Utilizing our portal’s online tools enables families to gain in-depth community knowledge and increases familiarity with the area, as well as other recommended neighborhoods.

Cost Est Dom

Cost Estimates

Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) conduct in-depth needs assessments to not only prepare and project the relocation, but it also provides a fundamental glimpse on the overall costs to the relocation. SRMs collect valuable details during the assessment, including home size, original price paid, number of family members, etc., all of which is factored into the final estimate. The preparation of cost estimates based on policy benefits and projected total relocation costs are available at the candidate level to enable our clients to modify and/or finalize benefit offerings to ensure the anticipated relocation spend is within budget. Cost estimates can be computed following job acceptance, as well to provide budgeting information for accrual purposes. Tax tables are kept up to date for data accuracy and there is the ability to report the results in multiple currencies.

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