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Relocation Coordinates International offers a fully integrated, state of the art platform to deliver comprehensive global mobility solutions. RCI systems are designed to be customized to our client’s individual global mobility program; which provide real-time access to every file and program level. Key features include global assignment and expense management, vendor performance analytics, extensive destination information, relocation tools, and much more. We focus our technology on workflow efficiencies, data integrity features, supply chain monitoring and easy to access financial and tracking reports.

Our innovative tools and portals manage relocation activity, display customized dashboards, and offer a complete visibility of our clients’ data. Our program offers high security measures, which are regularly monitored for client privacy and data protection. RCI’s technology offerings are critical to the success of a global program, but we are also conscientious to strike a balance between technology and a personalized touch to yield a positive employee experience.

Client & Transferee

Client and Transferee Portal

We empower our clients and their employees with access to real time data via our online portal. Our clients have visibility to the entire program, including information specific to their employees’ relocations. Clients have the ability to initiate relocations, communicate with our staff, and view notes on transferee files. Some features such as our cost estimator and lump sum calculator are offered as a self-service option or RCI administered tool. Reports and graphics are available at the push of a button to analyze trends, exceptions, accruals, and global compensation. We also supply transferring employees the convenience of online expense submission and payment tracking, total spend versus budget, and service provider contact information. Employees will not only have access to their relocation policy, but additional relocation resources and informative city guides as well.

Mobile App

Mobile App

RCI brings relocation ease right to the phone screens of transferring employees. Our mobile app provides simplified access to expense management and features the ability to complete expense reports, upload receipts, and choose currency options. The app also provides assistance at every phase of the relocation, including service provider and vendor contact information for easier communication and seamless coordination. Since not every transferee prefers the complete digital experience and the use of a mobile app, a Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) is available to provide a human connection for a more personal approach.

Global Cost

Global Cost Estimator

Our team has the ability to prepare domestic and international cost estimates to provide a broad view of the potential financial implications of any relocation or assignment. This tool is customized to reflect policy guidelines and the employee’s move profile. Every factor is taken into account, such as family size, home ownership, city of origin, and destination location. Our cost estimates are continuously updated for accuracy. Details of the estimates include house hunting, household goods, temporary housing, expatriate compensation costs, home/host income, and hypothetical and social tax costs to name a few. The final cost estimate can be presented in the home country, host country or company base currency.

COLA Reports

COLA Reports

Cost of Living Analysis (COLA) reports are available for cities around the world. This is an integral tool for both the client and the employee. The report provides clients’ the ability to determine if additional allowances or cost of living adjustments are needed at the new location, especially when an employee is moving to a more expensive area. Our database is continuously updated to reflect changes in housing, insurance, utilities and transportation costs. We also report on fluctuations in currencies, tax regulations and cost of goods in the new location to empower the employee to make informed decisions prior to accepting the relocation.

Lump Sumb

Lump Sum Calculator

For clients that prefer a self-service tool to calculate the appropriate lump sum to offer a transferee or the allowance amount for an international assignment, our Lump Sum Calculator is the ideal intuitive compilation tool. This tool reduces administrative efforts of our clients and ensures consistency across their organization and assignment types. The tool can also be integrated within our technology platform and is customizable to fit our clients’ policies. By combining millions of statistical government records, web research and standard data sources on a regular basis, the calculations are accurate and immediately available.

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