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Assignment Management

International assignments can be exciting and offer career development opportunities for employees, while being critical to the growth and expansion of organizations. We pair one of our trusted Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) with the transferring employee for the lifecycle of the assignment. Our SRMs serve as a single point of contact for every step of the way and focus on meeting the needs and expectations of the relocating employee and family. We work with a global network of trusted suppliers that enable us to provide services in more than 135 countries and are fluent in every major language.

Accepted Offer

Accepted Offer: Assignment Counseling and Support

Relocation Coordinates offers constant counseling and support to the assignee and family. A Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) conducts an in-depth needs assessment to create a comprehensive relocation plan that meets the specific needs of the employee and their family. Following a thorough review of policy benefits, a customized timeline is developed. We introduce our service partners and commit to a smooth transition to ease any worry the assignee may have at the onset of the move. The SRM provides access to our online portal via a personalized passcode, so the assignee can monitor their relocation and track the payment of expenses and allowances.


Visas and Immigration

Facilitating the visa and immigration process is a critical component of our clients’ successful global mobility programs. We work closely with an experienced network of trusted partners and immigration experts to initiate the application process, authenticate documents, process renewals and extensions, and ensure proper protocol is met to obtain work permits and residency cards. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) coordinate and monitor all the necessary steps for visa and immigration compliance.

Global Comp

Global Compensation

RCI’s global compensation service accommodates earnings approaches that range from systems that relate compensation back to the home country (the traditional home-based “balance sheet” approach) to systems that integrate compensation into the “host country” salary structure. Earnings programs employed by global organizations are quite complex, with pay often delivered from multiple locations in a variety of ways made to the assignee. Our suite of services includes, but is not limited to, compensation accumulation/collection, hypothetical tax, estimation balance sheet and instructions, certificates of coverage, tax payment and equalization support (TEQ), audit & compliance review and payment processing.

Cost Estimates

Tax Assistance

RCI partners with global tax experts to ensure all client programs are compliant. We implement global tax regulations and accurately apply them in each jurisdiction for every relocation. Their specialized guidance provides an integrated approach for both our client and assignee, which addresses the tax ramifications that result from assignment taxes and costs. The tools and advice simplify the global compensation and reporting process, including the calculation of hypothetical taxes and split payrolls with home and host countries. Our tax assistance service creates a seamless experience for the assignee that is aligned with the benefits and tax protection they are entitled to.

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