Relocation Coordinates International Our Difference

Our Difference

Relocation Coordinates International (RCI) delivers customized, cost-effective solutions in the global marketplace that exceed client expectations.

At Relocation Coordinates, we embrace the philosophy that every client and transferee’s needs are unique and are rarely met within a one size fits all approach. We devote the necessary time and resources for employees to overcome the challenges. Our attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities provide clients with peace of mind relocation. We create lasting partnerships to foster trust and build a strong working relationship. We also offer our clients fair and competitive pricing along with customized, low-cost global mobility programs. Through a combination of continuous technological innovation, competitive service offerings and a comprehensive network of reliable service providers, RCI continuously adapts to changing market demands and the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

RCI strives to deliver exceptional relocation solutions for our clients who have a diversity of needs, programs and cultures. Staying true to our singular focus enables us to create optimal programs that address talent acquisition, retention, regulatory compliance and cost management. Our values and people are the foundation of our company. We hire the best in the industry who demonstrate integrity, commitment and a drive for quality every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to a partnership that strategically drives talent management success.

A Trusted Partner

We recognize that being a trusted partner must be earned. From the moment we engage a working relationship with our clients, we are dedicated to their needs and commit to always being responsive. Our clients feel important, regardless of the size or type of their global mobility program. We invest our time and resources to help develop and build customized programs. Our partnerships continue to grow with every relocation we manage, while regular program monitoring keeps programs competitive and compliant. We supply routine reporting to provide key financial data for cost projections and to identify areas for cost containment. We place a special emphasis on strategically supporting client talent acquisition goals to meet their business objectives.

Help Every Step of the Way

We recognize that relocation can be a life-changing event, regardless of the type of program, magnitude of benefits or destination location. While workforce dynamics are ever changing, there is a need for programs to appeal to employees from various generations. At RCI, we remain focused to ensure a positive employee experience is achieved throughout the lifecycle of the relocation. We put the employee’s needs first and provide the necessary support, while keeping the client apprised of the progress. Our emphasis on service delivery excellence extends beyond our team and to our network of service providers around the world.

Make the Move with RCI By Your Side

Let RCI provide a helping hand to manage the challenge of moving to a new city. Our relocation experts can be reached by calling 1-866-915-8631.

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Our custom, full-service program offerings, coupled with years of industry knowledge and experience, makes Relocation Coordinates International (RCI) an ideal resource.

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