Relocation and the “Boutique Experience”

With today’s ever increasing reliance on technology to improve workplace efficiency, the human element is often overlooked


Date 03 Apr, 2015

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With today’s ever increasing reliance on technology to improve workplace efficiency, the human element is often overlooked. Customer service remains a top priority and companies that embrace this philosophy and demand it from their employees are able to retain their customers for the long haul. They know personalized and attentive customer service that meets the needs of the consumer is the key to success.

The war for talent is fierce and companies must recruit and relocate top talent to remain competitive. It is critical their relocation partner lead with tailored services for the employee, rather than a technology platform that exhibits little personal interaction and care.

The Rise and Fall of The One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Before the recession hit, we witnessed a rise in large global mobility companies (GMCs). These GMCs offered a one-size-fits all approach to managing relocation assignments, with an overarching goal to increase transferee volume. To manage this scale, GMCs created call center environments rather than designating a sole relocation counselor to work on the assignment, creating a very impersonal experience for the employee.

Many companies initially embraced this approach to save time and work within tight budgets, but were left with the feeling that their business wasn’t a top priority. Additionally, candidates weren’t receiving enough individual attention to ensure a successful relocation.

The Emergence of Boutique Relocation Companies

The failure of the one-size-fits all approach became the driving force behind the growth of boutique servicing by relocation companies.

A boutique is often defined as “any small business that serves a niche market,” but when it comes to delivering a ‘boutique experience’, size is almost irrelevant.

Relocation providers offering this boutique experience have adopted a customer-centric business philosophy, capable of providing the same global range of services as a GMC, but with a highly personalized touch. Their end goal is not centered on volume, but rather establishing long-term partnerships with their clients and creating a tailored experience for the employee.

Characteristics of Boutique Relocation Companies

These providers utilize a single point of contact service delivery model to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies. Consultants are empowered to make decisions and use creative problem-solving to respond to individual questions or service issues. Service partners are actively managed and carefully vetted based on strict guidelines of expertise, geographic specialty and the ability to meet the client’s service needs.

Why Outsource Your Relocation Program

A boutique relocation company is also flexible in adapting to client needs, no matter what the scope of the project is. Whether the client relocates two employees or 200, they are treated as a valuable partner.

Experts say relocation can be one of the most stressful and challenging transitions of a person’s life. The age-old adage “bigger is better” is not always true — no machine out there can match the care and counsel of a real human being.

Choosing a service provider that can support your candidates during a relocation is a critical step to ensure a successful relocation.

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