Prioritize Sustainability for a Competitive Advantage

Prioritize Sustainability for a Competitive Advantage

Employee engagement is an on-going challenge that organizations have been trying to solve for decades. How does sustainability fit into the equation? Organizations that are actively trying to make a difference in the lives of their employees and the world through sustainable business practices are gaining a competitive edge. They are better at attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent when they make sustainability part of their culture and create and implement sustainable practices.

U.S. Workers Seek Companies that Promote Sustainability

According to Merriam-Webster, sustainability is defined as, “relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” In a business context, sustainability seeks to prevent the depletion of resources so that they will remain available for the long term, and the economic sustainability of the organization and community at large.

More than two-thirds of the U.S. workforce is now comprised of millennials and Generation X. Nearly two-thirds of millennials report that they will not work for an organization that lacks strong corporate social responsibility values. These findings are not limited to millennials, recent surveys show that workers across generations care about sustainability.

Human Resource Professionals are the Key

In order to stay competitive, human resource professionals are leading the charge in creating sustainability strategies for their organizations. Prioritizing sustainability is an effective way to increase employee engagement and attract top talent. Salary, benefits, and work-life balance continue to play an important role in recruitment, yet an organization’s commitment to sustainability can make an impact in recruitment goals.

Employees Expect Corporations to Act Now

With the scientific evidence and increased public awareness about climate change employees expect corporations to take action. This is the sustainability imperative: consumers and employees demand more environmental and social efforts, and they want transparency in reporting. In order to see growth and continued success organizations must now demonstrate that they are intentional about sustainability and incorporate those initiatives into the company culture.

Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships

Relocation Coordinates International (RCI) helps organizations stay informed about sustainability trends affecting the mobility industry and measures which can be incorporated into corporate programs. These recommendations and partnerships result in cost saving strategies and improvements to stay competitive. As organizations strive to meet the changing expectations of their employees and stakeholders, some of our areas of influence include:

Technology Driven Solutions

  • Virtual destination services with an interactive app uses AI to support employees, to curate a personalized destination services experience. The encrypted in-app chat, video, and live support for the candidate or new hire eliminates the need for travel during the initial stage of the relocation process. This provides a safe environment and flexibility while investigating their options and significant cost savings for the organization. The tool can be self-guided, or used with consultant support, to offer area orientation, property search, point and calculate commute times, to name a few highlights.

Vendors Committed to Sustainability

  • RCI provides direct access to a leading network of preferred suppliers. Vendors are vetted to find the best service, price, customer support and have sustainable business practices. This may include business practices to reduce waste during the corporate relocation process such as reusable boxes, to discard and donate programs.

High-touch Service

  • A dedicated Senior Relocation Manager is assigned to the employee with the objective of creating a customized plan that addresses each specific need, is streamlined, and proactive to anticipate unexpected challenges which may have costs and/or timelines. Assigning the right service partner is critical in identifying the suitable options in a timely matter. A high touch approach is key to a positive employee experience. 

For more information on how RCI can support your global mobility sustainability efforts, contact us today. 

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