Corporate Relocation Pre-Decision Services

As relocation services continue to gain popularity in the recruiting process, employers are coming to the realization that pre-decision services


Date 22 Oct, 2015

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As relocation services continue to gain popularity in the recruiting process, employers are coming to the realization that pre-decision services are an essential aspect of securing high job acceptance rates. With qualified professionals, putting in the extra due diligence early in the relocation process brings measurably improved results for productivity and cost reduction.

What are Pre-Decision Services?

Though these are familiar to the relocation world, they are certainly less prevalent than post-decision packages. Each relocation management firm defines “pre-decision services” differently and combines a varying scope of elements in their offers. Universally speaking, the goal is to evaluate the candidate’s specific needs and establish his or her trust, making them confident enough to accept the position and move forward with the relocation. Also, employers reap the benefits of fewer failed offers and a more efficient relocation process.

Why is RCI Different?

As a business renowned for our high-level client experiences, Relocation Coordinates International administers a comprehensive pre-decision services package. Our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) have the ability to hone in on each candidate’s situation and alleviate any qualms with moving to the new location. The one-on-one relationship between the potential transferee and SRM develops effective communication from the initial contact. When SRMs are allowed to properly execute pre-decision services, the candidate should view their position as important and feel valued by the employer.

What Obstacles Should Be Addressed?

A number of our clients have chosen to enhance their relocation policies with pre-decision services to assist potential transferees who cannot afford to sell their homes or have difficulty securing mortgages among other possible concerns. Assessing the cost of a home sale before the offer is accepted shelters the company from committing to relocations that are not cost-effective and increases the feasibility for a successful relocation. While real estate and mortgage burdens continue to be leading causes of hesitation for candidates, there are many other probable circumstances SRMs must evaluate. These may include:

  • Will the candidate require financial assistance renting a home?
  • Are there quality schools in the immediate vicinity for their children?
  • Will their spouse or partner be able to obtain suitable employment in the area?
  • Do they have any family members with disabilities that need special assistance? (For example: adequate special education programs or elder care)

The company must also determine if the candidate is highly qualified and, if so, what is most advantageous way to accommodate his or her transition. Our SRMs will accurately conclude what information and aid each candidate requires after their personalized needs assessment. Our SRMs have access to extensive resources including professional area tours, Realtor and lender recommendations and comprehensive housing market overviews that incorporate detailed neighborhood and school district information. This list is only a sample of our complete pre-decision services program.

Our pre-decision services support companies in regulating the liability of failed relocations by providing an essential understanding of the plausibility of a favorable relocation. Equipped with relevant, systematic cost evaluations and individual data, recruiters can significantly scale down hiring timelines and thwart failed relocations with stronger hiring decisions.  As relocation experts, our goal at RCI is to facilitate a decision-making process that benefits both the employer and the employee.

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