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Relocating for a position is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Many believe it produces only slightly less stress

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Date 14 Apr, 2016

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Relocating for a position is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Many believe it produces only slightly less stress than getting married or losing one’s job. Any extra effort your company puts into your relocation packages will greatly improve the likelihood of a successful relocation and ensure it is a positive experience. This means less time, effort, and money wasted on failed deals and rejected offers. However, many companies overlook the importance of adding specialty services to their relocation packages. With the help of a relocation management company, these additions can be seamlessly incorporated into your current mobility policies.

Education Search

An employee who is relocating with children will most likely not be able to accept a position unless they are confident in the area’s schools. It is already a daunting decision to uproot one’s family without the worry of their children’s education suffering. The simple act of offering school search assistance can help ease a potential employee’s mind and build trust in your company. This is often a service that goes hand in hand with real estate assistance. Most families pick their home with school districts or proximity to private schools in mind. Having a team of relocation experts who know the area’s schools and have strong relationships with Realtors in the area can dispel any doubts an employee may have about relocating.

Spousal Support Services

Making certain the spouse or partner of an employee is also able to have a smooth transition makes the relocation much more appealing. The less their family is inconvenienced, the less complicated and stressful their move will be. According to Atlas Van Lines Corporate Relocation Survey, 49% of employers frequently have transferees who are affected by the employment status of their spouse. Most HR departments do not have the time or resources to develop an extensive spousal employment network. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to include this type of service in a relocation package. To remain competitive in the search for high level talent, creating a spousal employment support system is necessary.

Personalized Area Tours

Another service valued by employees is an area tour customized to their needs. Many companies find this difficult, especially when multiple employees are relocating to numerous locations. Relocation management teams are trained to seek out compatible Realtors and other professionals to thoroughly present all the new area has to offer. Relocation managers can also provide important details including information on sites for outdoor activities, nightlife, places of religious worship, area demographics and more. This is not only helpful in making the transferee comfortable with the idea of living in a new place, but it also assists them in choosing proper housing. There tends to be overlap in resources and benefits with each of these services. This is why it is wise to take advantage of all custom assistance programs your company is able to.

Incorporating one or more of these services will drastically improve the outcomes of relocations with your company. Your team will have the competitive edge of gaining an employee’s confidence and trust before they even come in for their first day at the office. Just as with any good investment, you need to be devoted to putting in more if you expect to receive more. With the assistance of an experienced relocation management company, expanding your relocation benefits can be a reality rather than simply a lofty goal for the future.

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