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Corporate Relocation Services

Relocation Coordinates International is skilled at customizing corporate mobility programs to help our clients remain competitive in today’s global landscape and meet their workforce mobility requirements. Our consultative, hands-on approach incorporates best practices with a heavy emphasis on cost containment and service delivery excellence just like a professional corporate relocation company would do.


Policy Development & Benchmarking

Since it is not always possible for companies to stay abreast of relocation trends and legislation that may affect compliance and taxes, Relocation Coordinates International provides this important information to our clients. Being a reliable corporate relocation company, we have extensive expertise in working with companies of all sizes, industries, locations and program types. We collaborate with our clients on a regular basis to be proactive with their changing business needs and objectives, as well as challenges the organization may be facing, such as attracting key talent or reducing costs. After a comprehensive review, we utilize industry research, benchmarking, and surveys to design relocation policies and relocation programs reflective of best practices that are well-suited for our clients’ mobility and talent initiatives.

Consult Services

Consulting Services & Talent Management Support

With companies extending globally, the war for talent is a reality. Industry trends, relocating employee demographics and generational differences constantly change, which may require our expertise to help clients with these complex issues. Some organizations are shifting towards aligning mobility with talent management to attract and retain key talent, while others still keep them separate. Our relocation consultants understand these dynamics and are adept at developing flexible policies that address new trends while finding ways to reduce costs. We focus on improving mobility processes while boosting employee satisfaction and growth. As we are active for years as a professional corporate relocation company, we are adept at giving robust mobility solutions to our clients. We also help them successfully manage their global business objectives and workforce, from the very beginning stages of relocation all the way through repatriation.


Supplier Management

RCI’s global best-in-class supply chain network includes partners in departure and destination locations with expertise in real estate services, shipment of household goods, temporary housing, immigration and tax services. Our clients benefit from these relationships, which are based on merit, performance ratings, competitive pricing, and technology offerings. Continuous review of operating procedures, as well as legal and tax regulations, ensure providers are compliant. Suppliers are also committed to quality and must abide by performance standards that are detailed in our service level agreements and key performance indicators. Evaluations from relocating employees during and at the end of their relocation, as well as our ability to document vendor defects during the employee relocation, all contribute to supplier evaluations. Relocation Coordinates International is pleased to work with our established network of providers or existing client suppliers. As a professional corporate relocation company, we understand the importance of supplier management in achieving superior customer service and positive employee experiences.


Expense Management

Relocation Coordinates’ expense management program provides end-to-end financial solutions for corporate relocation. Accounting specialists are trained in relocation accounting, processes and IRS regulations. Payment processing systems report real-time updates, expenses are properly tax coded, and our audit procedures follow a rigorous three-tier inspection to ensure payment accuracy. Our client’s trust is garnered by our objective to be transparent, which makes a trustworthy corporate relocation company. Employee and client portals allow for online submissions, viewing of expense processing, and generating an extensive array of management reports. Our expense management platform tracks all expenses and sorts them into income and non-income categories, as well as deductible and non-deductible expenses. Our relocation program facilitates accurate gross-up calculations, and we provide year-end complete tax reporting to the client and each transferee.

Lump Sum

Lump Sum Program

Relocation Coordinates International’s lump sum program offers a simplified fixed-cost approach for relocating employees. While lump sum programs are easy to administer and provide employees with the flexibility to spend funds as they choose, they often leave employees to coordinate all of their own relocation arrangements just like a corporate relocation company would do. Since many employees do not know what to anticipate in terms of logistics and costs, our Senior Relocation Managers (SRMs) share resource information, including our vetted network of suppliers, helpful hints, as well as the pitfalls that may arise with improper planning. Our team’s onset guidance and ongoing support provide a basic framework for their transition, which empowers employees to make the best decisions for themselves, their family and their relocation.


Group Move Management

Relocation Coordinates recognize that group moves are critical to business plans, whether they are the result of a merger or acquisition, opening a new office in a new location or combining smaller offices into one. Regardless of the number of people asked to relocate or the departure/destination locations, we, as a genuine corporate relocation company, recognize how critical it is to plan and execute a group move to minimize business disruption, talent loss, low employee morale and cost overruns. We meet with our clients and key stakeholders to develop relocation policies specific to the group move, a projection of relocation costs for budget purposes, and strategies for employee retention. These discussions enable us to develop an operations plan and the appropriate communication strategy. Employee orientation meetings are conducted whereby an abundance of information specific to the destination location is disseminated. Each employee is assigned a Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) who will act as a single point of contact throughout the relocation and will respond to their personal needs.

Value Added

Value Added Program

Through Relocation Coordinates’ Credit at Closing Program, we minimize out-of-pocket home sale and home purchase closing costs for our client’s employees who are not eligible for company-paid real estate benefits. This program provides credit at closing based on the home sale or purchase price to offset closing costs. We use this approach as a reliable corporate relocation company which makes us financially advantageous to the employee since it tax protects the benefit. Employees are made aware of their eligibility for this relocation program, assuming they do not live in states that prohibit the use of affinity programs.

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