Changing Your Hiring Process Improves Relocations

From searching for candidates to training new employees, the hiring process is extremely important to the success of a relocation

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Date 25 May, 2016

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From searching for candidates to training new employees, the hiring process is extremely important to the success of a relocation. The interactions between your company and the new employee before they even step foot into your office can have a significant impact on whether or not they remain part of your team long term. Fortunately, there are things that your staff and Relocation Company can do to ensure each new transferee develops a positive connection to your company from the day they accept your offer.

Make the First Day a Smooth Transition

Let each individual who is relocating know the little nuances about your office before their first day. Mention things such as the details of the dress code, best directions to the office, and a rough schedule of their first day. Be specific and include the exact time you expect them to arrive in the office and if they should bring anything for onboarding such as certain documents for identification. It is also a fantastic idea to have a small gift waiting at the new hire’s work area or desk on the first day. At the very least, have it stocked with necessary supplies such as pens, sticky notes, note pads, etc.

Attempt to give a brief introduction by email or quick announcement before the employee arrives. It will deter any awkward interactions with coworkers and make them immediately feel like an important part of the office culture. Also, personally introduce them to as many people as possible and provide them with a complete tour of the office.

Before the transferee arrives, ask your employees what their favorite spots are near work to shop, eat, and grab drinks. The internet is a great resource for these establishments, but providing some personalized information demonstrates that you value the overall happiness of your team. Utilizing a relocation company will also give you access to local resources such as city guides and other helpful information.

Do Not Overlook Their Families

Certain research suggests that more than half of failed relocations are due to family dissatisfaction with job-related factors. Focus a part of your onboarding process on the transferee’s significant other and/or family. Executives have the highest rates of unsuccessful relocations, and they are more likely to have families rather than lower-level employees. There are simple measures that a qualified corporate relocation company can take to include the entire family that is relocating.

Providing detailed information about schools, activities, and places of worship should definitely be part of your relocation program. Partnering with an experienced relocation firm to be able to offer real estate benefits and encourage transferees to take advantage of house hunting trips also improves the success rates of relocations. Taking these measures assists family members to adjust nicely to the new area. Your company should continue your family-based efforts once the new hire has started their job. Organize a fun company event and invite families to join, or request that someone in the HR department follow-up with the family to confirm their new neighborhood and schools are suitable.

The Relocation Experience Directly Reflects On Your Company

When developing a system for onboarding new employees, remember back to what kind of impression you had of the company on the first day and throughout the initial few months. What could have been improved? What went well? Remember the process of relocating is a human experience. Any extra effort to ameliorate the transferee’s relocation process and engage them in your company culture should be considered a worthwhile investment.

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